[BT英语0067] amnesty


am + nest (巢穴,安乐窝) + y = (犯罪之后)回到家里 = 对…实行大赦(或特赦),准予大赦;赦免

Some people amnestied in the past could face legal action in the future. 过去被赦免的某些人以后仍可能被起诉。

They were released under an amnesty. 他们是根据大赦令而获释的

Some political criminals were favoured with amnesty. 有几个政治犯受到特赦。



If someone is suffering from amnesia, they have lost their memory.

People suffering from amnesia don’t forget their general knowledge of objects. 患健忘症的人不会忘记关于物体的一些基本知识。


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