[BT英语0172] apposite


apposite 和 opposite 是反义词,opposite是相反的,截然不同的,apposite是合适的,恰当的。与relevant是近义词。

suitable and right for the occasion 得体的,贴切的

I found her speech wholly apposite to the current debate. 我认为他的讲话对当前的辩论是恰到好处。


(介词)对面 If one thing is opposite another, it is on the other side of space from it.

Gakki had sat opposite me at breakfast. Gakki早饭的时候坐在我对面。

(形容词) 另一面的;对面的 The opposite side or part of something is the side or part that is furthest away from you.

…the opposite corner of the room. 房间的对角线。

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