[BT英语0173] architect


archi (统治者,还记得有写过 https://lmzdx.com/archives/2820 anarchy无政府主义这个单词么?arch是有统治的意思) + tect (做) = 做统治的人 = 建筑师,架构师

the architect of my own fortunes 缔造我自己命运的人

You can use architect to refer to a person who plans a large projects such as landscaping or railways.

… Paul Andreu, chief architect of French railways. 保罗·安德鲁,法国铁路的总设计师

…Russia’s chief architect of economic reform. 俄罗斯经济改革的总规划师

He was six of the principal architects of the revolution. 他是那次革命的主要发动者之一。

Chief Software Architect, 首席软件架构师

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