[BT英语0200] ascribe


a + scribe (写) = 写东西有很多功能,其中之一就是甩锅,把错误归咎于其它人 = 把…归咎于,把(责任、罪名等)推给…,把…转嫁于

If you ascribe an event or condition to a particular cause, you say or consider that it was caused by that ting.

An autopsy eventually ascribed the baby’s death to sudden infant death syndrome. 尸检最终认定孩子死于婴儿猝死综合征。


写东西的人,以前指没有印刷机之前抄圣经的人。 (In Biblical times) professional religious scholar (圣经时代的)文士,经师。

the person who make copies of writings before printing was invented. (印刷术发明之前的) 抄写员。

对我们来说,最常用的是下面这个词: subscribe.


上网的时候,总有这个单词,订阅,比如订阅公众号,订阅杂志,都是这个词。 If you subscribe to a magazine or a newspaper, you pay to receive copies of it regulary.

Renew the magazines that I subscribed for another year. 把我订阅的杂志续订一年。

to subscribe for a new book. 订购了一部新书。

在网上,有些网站把注册也叫subscribe。If you subscribe to an online newsgroup or service, you send a message saying that you wish to receive it or belong to it.

Usenet is a collection of discussion groups, known as newsgroups, to which anybody can subscribe. 全球新闻网络是由多个被称为新闻组的讨论组组成,任何人都可以注册加入。

还有不少其它的意思,比如定期捐款。 If you subscribe to a charity or a campaign, you send money to it regularly.

I subscribe to a few favourite charities.我定期向几个中意的慈善机构捐款。

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