[BT英语0259] attain


(通常经过努力)获得,得到: to succeed in getting sth, usually after a lot of effort.

Most of our students attained five ‘A’ grades in their exams. 我们大部分学生的考试成绩是五个A。

达到(某年龄,水平,状况) to reach a particular age, level or condition.

The cheetah can attain speeds of up to 97kph. 猎豹的奔跑速度每小时可达到97公里。


完成,获得,达到,成就。 something that you achived.

a young woman of impressive educational attainments. 一位学业成就斐然的年轻女子。

达到,获得 success in achieving sth

The attainment of his ambitions was still a dream. 他要实现的报负仍然是一个梦想。


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