[BT英语0342] barrage


bar + rage (狂怒的) = 这个单词的意思在(军事上)有弹幕的意思。也有(言词等)连珠炮似的猛攻,齐射式的攻击,炮轰的意思。


A barrage is continuous firing on an area with large guns and tanks. 连续的炮火

The two fighters were driven off by a barrage of anti-aircraft fire. 两架战斗机被防空火力网逼退。

A large number of sth, such as questions or comments, that are directed at sb very quickly, six after the other, often in an aggressive way. 接二连三的一大堆质问

a barrage of questions/criticisms / complaints 连珠炮似的问题/批评/抱怨


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