[BT英语0235] attest


at + test (测试) = 写软件的时候做测试就是为了证明能不能用

To attest something or attest to something means to say, show, or prove that it is true.

Her outstanding abilities were attested by her rapid promotion. 她杰出的才干已经由她获得迅速提升而得到证明。



证明,证实;If one testifies to another, it supports the belief that the second thing is true.

Recent excavations testify to the presence of cultivated inhabitants on the hill during the Arthurian period. 最近几次发掘证实了亚瑟王时期这座山上有农耕人口居住过。

(法庭上)作证,证明 When someone testifies in a court of law, they give a statement of what they saw someone do or what they know of a situation, after having promised to tell the truth.

Several eyewitnesses testified that they saw the officers hit Miller in the face… 几位目击证人证明他们看见那几个警官打了米勒的脸。



If one thing is a testament to another, it shows that the other thing exists or is true.

The fact that these scandals are now public is testament to the relative openness of America’s government. 这些丑闻如今公之于众的事实说明了美国政府的相对透明。


Someone’s last will and testament is the most recent will that they have made, especially the last will that they make before they die.

[BT英语0234] apparition


appar (与appear类似,出现) + tion = 幽灵出现,神奇的现象(尤指)幻象,幻影,怪影,妖怪,幽灵。

An apparition is someone you see or think you see but who is not really there as a physical being.

… these apparitions of the Virgin. 圣母显灵

The patient recognized one of the women as the apparition she had seen. 病人认出其中一个女的是她曾经见过的幽灵。


出席,参加,露面 When someone makes an appearance at a public event or in a broadcast, they take part in it.

Keegan made 68 appearances in two seasons for Southampton, scoring 37 times. 基冈为南安普敦队踢了两个赛季,共上场68次,进球37个。

(单数名词)外貌,外表,外观 Someone’s or something’s appearance in the way that they look.

She used to be so fussy about her appearance… 她过去非常在意自己的容貌。

He had the appearance of a college student…他的模样就像个大学生…

[尤指出乎意料的]到来,出现 The appearance of someone or something in a place is their arrival there, especially when it is unexpected.

The sudden appearance of a few bags of rice could start a riot. 突然出现几袋大米可能会引起骚乱。

装样子;撑场面;打肿脸充胖子 If you keep up appearances, you try to behave and dress in a way that people expect of you, even if you can no longer afford it.

His parents’ obsession with keeping up appearances haunted his childhood.父母过于爱面子的做法在他儿时一直困扰着他。

[BT英语0232] antagonize


anti(反抗) + ago(以前的) + nize (有点像nazi吧) = 与以前的nazi对抗 🙂 = 与…对立。

If you antagonize someone, you make them feel angry or hostile towards you.

He didn’t want to antagonize her. 他不想引起她的反感。

Don’t antagonize the neighbours by making a noize. 别吵吵,惹邻居讨厌。



a strong feeling of disliking someone, usually a feeling that has existed for a long time.

The growing antagnism between the two group.

[BT英语0228] acquiesce


默认,勉强同意。因为ac + quiesce(不动了,静止了) = 默认不就是这样么?

to acquiesce halfheartedly in a business plan. 半心半意的同意一项商业计划。

They acquiesced in the decision. 他们默认同意那个决议。


这个词语和quiet有点类似吧。是停止,停顿的意思。To quiet down. To become silent.

[BT英语0227] agreeable



令人愉快的;宜人的 If something is agreeable, it is pleasant and you enjoy it.

…agreeable surprise. 一个惊喜。

还有欣然同意的意思。If you are agreeable to something or if it is agreeable to you, you are willing to do it or to allow it to happen.

She was agreeable to the project… 她对这个项目表示欣然同意。

…a solution that would be agreeable to all. 一个大家都会同意的解决方法

[BT英语0225] arrest

ar (啊) + rest (休息) = 被逮捕了,终于可以进去休息一下了。

If the police arrest you, they take charge of you and take you to a police station, because they believe you may have committed a crime.

Police arrested five young men in connection with one of the attacks… 警方逮捕了与其中一次袭击有关的5名青年男子。

The police say seven people were arrested for minor offenses. 警方称有7人因轻罪被捕。

If something or someone arrest a process, they stop it continuing. 阻止,抑制

The sufferer may have to make major changes in his or her life to arrest the disease… 患者可能必须对生活习惯作出重大调整以控制病情。

The law could arrest the development of good research if applied prematurely. 如果草率施行,该法律将会阻滞高质量研究的进展。

A landslide arrested our progress. 山崩阻碍了我们前进。