[BT英语0344] bare



使赤裸裸,使露出 to bare one’s arms

使公开;暴露,揭露;透露 The author bared his heart to the world. 作家向全世界敞开他的心扉。

把(刀或剑)拔出鞘:She bared her sword.她拔剑出鞘。

[BT英语0342] barrage


bar + rage (狂怒的) = 这个单词的意思在(军事上)有弹幕的意思。也有(言词等)连珠炮似的猛攻,齐射式的攻击,炮轰的意思。


A barrage is continuous firing on an area with large guns and tanks. 连续的炮火

The two fighters were driven off by a barrage of anti-aircraft fire. 两架战斗机被防空火力网逼退。

A large number of sth, such as questions or comments, that are directed at sb very quickly, six after the other, often in an aggressive way. 接二连三的一大堆质问

a barrage of questions/criticisms / complaints 连珠炮似的问题/批评/抱怨

[BT英语0340] archetype



An archetype is something that is considered to be a perfect or typical example of a particular kind of person or thing because it has all their most important characteristics. 典型,代表

He came to this country 20 years ago and is the archetype of the successful Asian businessman. 他20年前来到这个国家,是成功的亚裔商人的典范。

[BT英语0338] baroque



used to describe European architecture, art and music of the 17th and early 18th centuries that has a grand and highly decorated style. 巴罗克风格的(17 至 18 世纪早期流行于欧洲,气势雄伟、装饰华丽的特色反映在建筑、绘画和音乐等艺术上)

baroque churches / music 巴洛克风格的教堂/音乐

[BT英语0336] aloof


a + loof (撸夫) = 肯定是比较冷淡的,被人疏远的才撸夫 🙂

not friendly or interested in other people. 冷漠,冷淡

The Emperor kept himself aloof from the people. 这个皇帝对人民漠不关心。

The Government is keeping aloof from the controversy…政府对争论保持置身事外的态度

She had an air of aloofness about her. 她给人一种冷冰冰的感觉。